The current facility represents a milestone that has demonstrated keen interest in its existence.
Presently, our facility is utilized by many different organizations accounting for in excess of
(300) games over the course of the spring, summer and fall. A variety of youth and adult league
teams including the local high schools, Babe Ruth, American Legion and collegiate level teams utilize the facility.

In addition to a variety of local tournaments, the RBAI has hosts the NYS Public High
School Championships, the Oneida County Legion and NYS District Legion Tournaments.

The main field Larry DeLutis Field - is lighted and includes a 450-seat grandstand and (40)
box seats. Distances to left and right are 325 feet and 395 to centerfield.

The 2nd field - Volunteer Field, which became operational in the spring of 2003, is 315 feet
down the lines and 376 to centerfield.

The 3rd Field Freedom Field - is built to serve both Little League and Cal Ripken Level'(70ft bases) aged youth. Distance is 225 to all fields.

The 4th field - Legacy Field, which became operational in the spring of 2013, is 275 feet down the left field line
310 down the right field line and 305 to centerfield.

The association takes great pride in providing a first class facility. All of our fields were
constructed and are maintained to be of the highest quality so that the players, coaches, and
fans can take great pride in the type of facility they are playing on.

Rome Baseball Association, Inc.
PO Box 4337
Rome, NY 13442-4337
Phone: (315) 796-4051

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